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Learner fraud can mean the difference between certainty and calamity.

Learner fraud undermines the integrity of training and puts unqualified workers into situations they are not prepared for. This puts workers, companies, industries and the public at risk.

What is learner fraud?

learner fraud

What is Learner Fraud?

Technology has changed the way we learn. We can now assign training to thousands of employees, learners and students around the world, with the click of a button. It’s convenient, accessible, scalable, and more sophisticated than ever.

Yet so much depends on how well people in our most vital industries are trained and tested. Without live instruction and defensible training, learners can cheat or have others complete their training. This is learner fraud.

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Learner fraud affects us all

Online learning is susceptible to cheating

Learner fraud puts money, reputations, and even lives at risk

Learner fraud puts unqualified workers, companies and the public at risk


Industries affected by fraud

Safety and compliance

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Regulated and professional licensing

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Academic and higher education

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