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Regulated and professional licensing

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, insurance brokers and real estate agents all routinely use online training and certification. It’s convenient, accessible, scalable, and more sophisticated than ever. You need to trust that those professionals are trained and ready to perform their jobs.

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Online learning is facing a large and growing hole: learner fraud.

However, without live instructors or proctors, it’s too easy to complete training for others, who then claim a credential or certificate they have not earned. This is learner fraud. When it happens the consequences are dire.

We all suffer when our training isn’t defensible.

Reputations are vulnerable, unqualified workers enter situations they aren’t prepared for and could lead to legal liability and potential allegations of fraud.

How LearnerVerified can help

LearnerVerified combines the latest technology with principles of defensibility and trust to build the tools your customers need to verify their learners, and protect their reputations.

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The power of LearnerVerified

  •  Photo verification
  • Identity verification
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Verified credentials
  • Works with any LMS

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