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Broaden your reach and accessibility, without sacrificing academic integrity using LearnerVerified.

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There is no question that technology is changing the way we learn and teach.

Anyone can learn anything, anywhere: in their homes, at the library, in a coffee shop. Online classes, by their very nature, offer numerous benefits, but it also present clear risks.

The rise of learner fraud

The numbers speak for themselves. Learner fraud is one of the biggest threats to online learning.

Without live online proctoring, students may be one click away from searching the Internet for answers. It’s become too easy for students to pay others to complete their assignments or tests, skip lessons, or to otherwise claim a pass-mark they have not earned.

When students cheat, we all suffer. It devalues students’ academic achievements; it messes up the curve, it lowers the quality of candidates entering the job market. The consequences don’t end there. And it harms your institution’s reputation.

By the numbers
  • 77%+ of college presidents say their institution offers online courses.
  • 55% of college presidents say that plagiarism has increased in recent years
  • 32.7% of students admitted to cheating in an online course
  • 23.3% of online students receive answers from classmates
  • $187m lost to fraudsters impersonating others for financial aid

Broaden your reach, without sacrificing academic integrity

Ensure the value of the degrees and diplomas you grant by verifying the identities of students using LearnerVerfied. LearnerVerified brings the security of in-person verification to your online courses.

A better, more reliable, and cost-effective approach to remote proctoring

LearnerVerified ensures that learners are who they say they are. Your university or college will be able to track and verify students throughout the entire learning cycle, from registration and attendance, to their exam. LearnerVerified technology offers several unique features like learner ID authentication, biometric verification, online proctoring and attendance monitoring.

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