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Features to verify your staff & learners

Photo verification

Identity verification

Attendance monitoring

Verified credentials

Works with any LMS

Photo verification

Using a computer’s built-in camera, LearnerVerifed technology utilizes the latest in facial recognition software. It uses a four-point facial verification technology to capture a learner’s face, eyes and mouth. It then records and stores this photo for verification by the course provider and the software.

I.D. verification

The LearnerVerified technology and/or an actual live agent prompts the learner to hold up a copy of their valid Government picture ID to further establish their identity. This is information is recorded and stored to ensure that both learners’ photo and valid Government picture ID provided matchup.

Biometric signature

A quick typing test develops learners’ unique biometric signature. LearnerVerifed taps into this technology to further establish their identity and enhance the defensibility of any credentials and courses. This biometric signature becomes their login ‘key’ and is used for future verification.

Attendance monitoring

Snapshots are taken throughout a learner taking their course. Based on the parameters you set photos will look for inconsistencies and be flagged according to learner absence and learner assistance (more than one users in the screen).

Verified credentials

Upon completing and passing the initial verification phase, future verification is completed using the learner “biometric key”. Each time a learner logs back into the course, they enter a new phrase and their keystroke is confirmed against the one on file.

Export your course to any LMS

Once complete, you are ready to launch your course! —directly from, or you can download the LearnerVerified-enabled file and deliver through your preferred LMS.

technical specifications

What’s needed to run LearnerVerified

  • Reliable internet
  • Webcam
  • Windows OS with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge
  • Android OS with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera
  • Mac OS with Chrome, Firefox, or Opera

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