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Compliance and safety

Protect workers, the public, and your reputation. Ensure that learners are taking their training.

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Technology has changed the way we learn.

Businesses can now assign training to thousands of employees, located across the world, with the click of a button. It’s convenient, accessible, scalable, and more sophisticated than ever.

Defensible training can mean the difference between certainty and calamity.

Without live instruction, it’s possible for workers to get others to complete their training for them, then claim a credential they have not earned. This is learner fraud, and it threatens the safety and security of the public you serve. We all suffer when training isn’t defensible. Teammates aren’t as qualified, customers aren’t as safe. Reputations are vulnerable.

How LearnerVerified can help

LearnerVerified ensures that learners are who they say they are. Defensible training protects workers, upholds industry standards, safeguards public wellbeing and gives you the peace of mind to know your training is legally defensible.

  •  Photo verification
  • Identity verification
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Verified credentials
  • Works with any LMS
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Defend your online training against learner fraud.

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