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getting started

It’s never been easier to verify your learners

1. Upload your course

Using our drag-and-drop interface you are easily able to upload your course material, whether it’s a SCORM object, PDF, video or audio file.

2. Set your parameters

You can set your attendance verification parameters. These rules are the that establish how long a learner is allowed to take to complete the course, and how strict our automated attendance monitoring will be.

3. Distribute your course

Once complete, you are ready to launch your course directly from, or you can download the LearnerVerified-enabled file and deliver it through your preferred LMS.

verification process

Lets walk you through the process

LearnerVerified quickly launches by clicking begin

When a learner launches a course they do it directly in the LearnerVerified dashboard, or from your preferred LMS. No need to change course views, browsers, or load separate software, which means everything is built right into their experience. It’s super easy and simple.

Verification made simple

A learner’s identity is assessed through a three-step process. First, they quickly snap a photo of their face, then they snap a picture of their valid Government picture I.D.

Course parameters are reviewed

With the rules and parameters you set in place for your course, LearnerVerified agents will verify that they have all been met with either a pass or fail grading.

Learner receives their verified credential

Learners can collect, manage and share their certificates through their LearnerVerified account, or on the LearnerVerified Credential Manager app.

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