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How it Works

With multiple support levels and optional proctoring services, LearnerVerified is designed to fit to your, and your learners', needs.

Types of Verification

Howitworks autoid screen

Learner ID - Auto

Screen provides prompts for learners to capture face and photo ID in webcam, then moves learner to biometric key collection and course launch.

Howitworks liveid screen

Learner ID - Live

Live agent greets learner, prompts and verifies photo ID, collect biometric key, answers questions, then launches the course for the learner.

Howitworks attendance screen

Attendance Monitoring

LearnerVerified software continuously monitors attendance throughout the course by capturing learners' photos to flag micro-moments of prolonged absences or other anomalous activity.

Demo biometrics

Biometric Key

A quick typing test develops learners' unique biometric signature. Each time they log back into the course, they enter a new phrase and their keystroke is confirmed against the one on file.

Howitworks remoteproctor screen

Digital Proctor


Easy Administration

LearnerVerified works with any LMS or authoring tool that meets SCORM standards for electronic learning. You can continue to use the same tools you've always relied on for training.

Download and install the newly protected SCORM course to your own LMS. Or, distribute your defensible eLearning course directly from LearnerVerified.com.

Choose the verification threshold you'd like to set for each course. Things like how long a learner is allowed to leave the frame, how many times another person is captured by the webcam.

Check your dashboard to track learners' progress through your course and access detailed identity verification and attendance reports. Review flagged learners and decide who to pass, and who to fail.

The LearnerVerified Credential Manager app allows training managers and learners to store and manage credentials from past training.

Seamless Learner Experience

Howitworks seamless 01

1 - Course launch

The learner launches your course with built-in verification services from LearnerVerified.com, or your own LMS

Howitworks seamless 02

2 - Identity Verification

The screen or a live agent prompts the learner to provide picture ID along with biometric data

Howitworks seamless 03

3 - Monitored Attendance

Automated monitoring through biometric challenge and facial detection ensures that the same learner starts and completes the training

Howitworks seamless 04

4 - Monitored Exam

If testing is included as part of the training, LearnerVerified also monitors exam attendance

Howitworks seamless 05

5 - Review

LearnerVerified confirms identity and flags attendance records with suspect behaviour

Howitworks seamless 06

6 - Defensible Certificate

On successful verification, LearnerVerified issues a course or exam certificate

Credential Management App

The LearnerVerifed Credentials Manager App allows a learner to store and manage training credentials. The app puts the power in the learner's hands to easily track LearnerVerified digital certifications and training history from any training provider in the world.

LearnerVerified Credentials

Training with LearnerVerified is automatically attached to the learner’s profile

Scannable QR Codes

All LearnerVerified credentials are issued with quick scan QR code

Add to Wallet

Credentials stored inside the app can be added to a wallet app for Android or iOS

Howitworks phone

Add Other Credentials

Certificates from other sources can be added to the app by taking a photo or uploading a file

Share Credentials

Share through email, SMS, or social media. Each credential and user profile has a unique URL

Control Access

Learner decides which training records and what portion of their profile is accessible via URL

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