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Learner fraud is real. Secure your training with LearnerVerified verification technology. Watch the video below, explaining why you should use LearnerVerified.

Protect from learner fraud

LearnerVerified ensures that online courses and exams are completed by the right person. It’s a layer of defensible security that can be added to any course. At any time, within any Learning Management System (LMS).

What is learner fraud?

What LearnerVerified does

Automated identity verification
A learners’ identity is assessed through an automated three-step process. First, they quickly snap a photo of their face then a learner snaps with a picture of their valid Government picture ID. Finally, the learners does a quick typing test to establish their unique biometric signature using keystroke pattern recognition technology.
Live identity verification
Using the same steps as our automated process, the learner will be connected to a LearnerVerified agent that is able to immediately verify their photo, I.D., and biometric signature.
Attendance monitoring
LearnerVerified software monitors attendance throughout the course by capturing learners’ photos to flag micro-moments of prolonged absences or other anomalous activity.
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Verified credentials are currently being issued by:

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Upload your training, purchase additional services, add more users, all in our easy-to-navigate interface.

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Distribute to your learners through LearnerVerified or through your own LMS.

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Verified credentials in one secure, shareable location.

The Credentials Manager App by LearnerVerified allows a learner to store and manage their training credentials. The app puts the power in the learner’s hands to easily track digital certifications and training history from any training provider in the world.

  • Control your credentials from one location
  • Badge details to verify your training and achievements
  • Upload and store existing certificates
  • Easily share your certificates and badges

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