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Learner fraud is real

Do you know who’s really taking your training? How do you know your learners have earned their credentials?

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Online learning is facing a large and growing hole: learner fraud

Online training saves time and resources, but it can come at a cost. Without in-person instructors or proctors, there's always a risk that learners can ask someone else to complete their course for them, or leave their desks while automated modules play, or otherwise claim a credential they have not earned.

The security of in-person verification, brought online

Learner fraud puts unqualified workers, companies and the public at risk

Learner fraud allows unqualified workers to enter situations they’re not prepared for, putting themselves, their companies, and even the public at risk.

LearnerVerified is a secure and defensible solution that brings the security and defensibility of in-person training to online learning. With services like learner ID authentication, biometric verification, and attendance monitoring, you will have the tools you need to ensure your training is reliable, cost-effective, and safe from learner fraud.

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  • Online learning is susceptible to cheating, but in-person training is costly and inconvenient
  • Learner fraud puts money, reputations, and even lives at risk
  • LearnerVerified reliably verifies your online learners and is as defensible as in-person training

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Whylv corporate

Corporate Training

Protect your investment, your reputation, and your legal liability with defensible online learning solutions.

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Training Distributors

Set your training apart from competitors by helping solve the problem of learner fraud.

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Post Secondary

Broaden your reach and accessibility, without sacrificing academic integrity.

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