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It all starts with Standard Verification

With standard verification, you’re able to securely verify a learner’s identity and attendance throughout their course while providing a friction minimal experience for your learners.

Standard verification
Per course, per person
Learners take themselves through our quick, automated ID verification process that includes: a system check, Photo capture, ID Capture, and biometric keystroke collection.
Biometric Keystroke Collection
Automated ID Verification
Attendance monitoring
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premium add ons

LearnerVerified Agents are here and ready to help

If you’d like to add a human touch to the ID verification process, and/or would like to defer session reviews to LearnerVerified, select the add on that is right for you.

Agent identity verification
Per course, per person
+ $4
A LearnerVerified live agent will connect with your learner to walk them through I.D verification and biometric keystroke collection process.
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Agent attendance review
Per course, per person
+ $6
We will review the learner’s entire session for violations and provide you with a final report and recommendation on a pass or failing mark.
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Wondering about bulk pricing?

If you are a large scale training provider and want to know about our bulk price offers, send us a quick message about your needs and the quantity you are looking for.


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