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Features of LearnerVerified

Everything you need to secure your training and protect your reputation, at your fingertips.

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Learner ID - Face Capture

Learners create a secure profile that features an up-to-date photo captured on their webcam. All they need to do is position their face in the yellow circle and click "Capture Photo."

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Learner ID - ID Capture

LearnerVerified compares our photo of each learner with a copy of government issued photo I.D. to confirm their identity. All private information is held securely and confidentially.

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Biometric Key

A quick typing test develops a unique biometric signature for each learner. Each time they log back into the course, they enter a new phrase and their keystroke is confirmed against the one on file.

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Attendance Monitoring

LearnerVerified software monitors attendance throughout the course by capturing learners' photos to flag micro-moments of prolonged absences or other anomalous activity.

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Verified Credentials

At the end of the course, LearnerVerified issues a report of flagged cases for review (by training manager or LearnerVerified staff). You decide who passes, and who fails.

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Works with any LMS

The best part of LearnerVerified? It works with any LMS, and is seamlessly integrated into the learner experience. They never need to leave their course or browser.

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